SR Snodgrass

Dear Mike, Sr. and Mike, Jr.:

On Tuesday afternoon, March 18, 2008, the unthinkable happened to our business: our server, which drives our practice and holds all our programs, ceased to function. As we are in the middle of tax season, any "downtime" is unrecoverable along with lost billings and production. To be blunt, we were up a creek without a paddle and the water was slowly seeping into the boat.

Your advertising boasts of "One Call, Total Support". Well, you fellows sure put your money where your mouth is. We had two technicians on site within ten minutes, a rough diagnostic of our problem within thirty, and a sit-down meeting discussing the possible choices available within two hours.

Knowing time is of the essence, you both worked all night to make sure I had a functional server in place at the beginning of business today. My downtime was limited to part of an afternoon and an evening, giving my staff the unplanned luxury of a night off, knowing they would be back in business the next day.

Some time ago, you two guided me through creating a Disaster Plan for an event like this. I never dreamed that I would need it, but it sure came in handy. We were able to sail through today with a replacement server without a hitch. You would never think we had a major disaster occur a day ago.

Your business is committed to its clients. The "One Call, Total Support" slogan is not just some fancy saying, but a guarantee that I, and others, can rely on. I can never thank you enough for the sacrifices you made (and the sleep you lost) to make sure that I would be able to take care of my customers with little loss to us of time, data and inconvenience.

Without computers, our firm does not function. I am so glad that we have chosen your firm to guide us in this area. Your advice has been invaluable over the years and you certainly were watching over us yesterday.

Again, my deepest thanks to both of you and your staff.


Richard J. Mole, CPA, CMA, CFM
Senior Vice-President